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My favourite month of the year is already over (time has flown by) and the new year is about to start. Can't believe that I'm already leaving for Prague in five weeks - where I'll be staying for a university exchange during the next four months. There's still so much I have to arrange and I'm slowly starting to stress out a bit. Of course on the other side I'm also excited about the opportunity to study abroad because this chance will probably bring me so many new experiences - also can't wait to travel and go on new adventures again. Do any of you guys have experience with studying abroad? Would love to hear your stories. Hugs! Love, Anne

Photos by Lotte Stikvoort


  1. Wat een leuke outfit! X

  2. LOVE de tas! Mooie foto's :)

  3. Ahw, ik denk dat dit de leukste outfit is die ik ooit van je heb gezien! Ik heb die broek ook al een tijdje op het oog en denk dat ik hem maar eens ga aanschaffen. Vind hem zo tof!

  4. Funnily enough, I'll be going to Amsterdam on exchange at the end of Jan :) Will be going to VU Amsterdam; I'm really excited (especially because from your photos I conclude that Amsterdam will be a great backdrop for outfit shots, haha!)


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