Photos by Cornell & me

Floresta de Santana  Calcada de Santana 18/20
Unfortunately we only discovered this tiny local restaurant on our last day in Lisbon, otherwise we had definitely visited the place a couple of times more. The place is family run and offers a range of delicious fish (and meat) meals which are quite inexpensive and incredibly tasty. I would definitely recommend Floresta de Santana when you're looking for a local and less tourist restaurant to enjoy lunch or dinner. 

Barracão de Alfama Rua de Sao Pedro 16, Alfama
A great and affordable place to enjoy dinner. Especially during summer days, since the restaurant includes a small terrace on a cozy courtyard. My boyfriend and I especially liked their sangria, grilled cuttlefish and sardines.

Sea Me Peixaria Moderna Rua do Loreto 21
In case you're a sushi addict - like me - this is the place to be. Sea Me is a bit more expensive than average in Lisbon but the quality is absolutely great. They serve quite a range of fish tapas, including sushi dishes.  

Gelateria Portuguesa Rua Sta. Cruz do Castelo 15
The best ice cream we had during our week in Lisbon - and we definitely tried lots of ice cream shops (had like two or three ice creams a day). Gelateria Portuguesa is located close to Castelo de Sao Jorge up on the city hill, so before you'll get your hands on the ice cream you already burned the calories, which is also big advantage for the fitgirls and -guys among us.

Pastéis de Belém Rua de Belem 84
This bakery serves the famous Portugese Pastel de Nata (which is a sweet egg tart pastry). The most tasty one we had during our stay. So in case you're visiting the Belém neighbourhood definitely make a stop here to give this traditional pastry a try.  


  1. Wat een prachtige foto's! Lissabon ziet er heel mooi uit!

  2. Ik wil echt graag een keer naar Lissabon!

  3. Super leuk, ik ga in maart naar Lissabon!

  4. Ik wil zo graag hier naartoe! Wat een mooie plek. <3

  5. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I adore Lisbon, I'd love to go back soon x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  6. wow these photographs are incredible! I guess I need to visit the city soon!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  7. Beautiful photos and love your outfits :)

    Big Dreamer

  8. What a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing the vivid view to us :))

    Naïve Live

  9. Ohh dit artikel komt als geroepen aangezien ik in mei voor het eerst naar Lissabon zal gaan. Ik ga je tips zeker even opschrijven!


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