Photos by me & Cornell

Although most of you guys know I'm currently spending four months in Prague (of which there are only two months left - time flies!) - I still have some photos and recommendations left from my trip to Portugal last summer. During our stay in Lisbon my boyfriend and I decided to make day trips to Sintra and Cascais, so the other day we jumped on a train to Cascais; a beautiful little beach town close to Lisbon. The centre of the town itself is quite touristic but after a little walk we found ourselves a few more quiet spots to take photos and enjoy the sun. Have any of you guys ever been to Cascais? If you're visiting Lisbon and have plenty of time left I would definitely recommend going there. More about Sintra later! Love, Anne

Santa Marta Avenida Rei Humberto De Italia (opposite the lighthouse)
A small, kind of hidden restaurant where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish meals while overlooking the light house and sea (see the last picture for the beautiful view). The sea bass and grilled cuttlefish we ordered were great!


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