It is already weeks ago since my friends and I came back from our one week trip to Malta. Since then I haven't had much time to edit and post the photos I took with my camera - but finally here they are (including some photos taken with my phone). Malta is quite touristy but the main island also includes a lot of hidden gems where you can enjoy beauty and peace outside the populous part of the country. Absolute must visit places are the Marsaxlokk fishing village, Dingli cliffs, Blue Grotto, Valletta (the capital), Mdina (the silent city), Popeye Village, Golden Bay and of course last but not least the beautiful Blue Lagoon (located on Comino island). If you're also in for some partying or prefer being among the tourist crowds I would really recommend visiting St. Julians and Paceville (the famous bar street on Malta - but please watch out for pickpockets). Hope you enjoy the photos I took of my absolute favourite parts of the island. Happy Sunday! 

Love, Anne

Photos by me


  1. Oh Malta's so gorgeouss! x

  2. This place is paradise! The images look amazing and I'm in line with that off the shoulder dress x

    Millie x

  3. Oeeeh! Wat een heerlijke foto's!

  4. Lijkt me echt heerlijk, Malta! Mooie foto's <3

  5. Lovely pics, it looks like you had a great time! It really reminds me of the south of Italy xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy


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