A few articles ago I told you about my hunt for the best and most delicious ice cream in Berlin during our weekend spent there at the end of April. My boyfriend and I found several highly rated ice cream shops online and decided to just go for it and try some of them out. Unfortunately we couldn't visit them all since we only had two days, but we succeeded in trying at least four of them - so I guess we have to return any time soon to continue our little tour. Based on the flavours and quality of the ice cream I made you guys a little top four! Also would love to hear if you have any hotspots regarding ice cream in Berlin yourselves! Love, Anne

My top four regarding ice cream places in Berlin:

1. Anna Durkes Graefestrasse 80
My absolute number one: Anna Durkes is a hidden gem which is located a bit outside the city centre, but still worth a visit because they truly serve the best strawberry cheesecake ice cream I've ever had in life. Also the other flavours were delicious since we tried quite a few of them!

2. Hokey Pokey Stargarder Strasse 73
Hokey Pokey is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district and serves some really extraordinary and fun flavours. Definitely a go in case you're in for a little experiment - don't worry in case you're not, they also sell quite a lot of 'normal' flavours. My favourites were banana/peanut butter (including chocolate chunks), blueberry meringue/mascarpone and chocolate brownie with small pieces of marshmallow. 

3. Waffel oder Becher Rosenthaler Strasse 40-41 (inside the Hackescher Höfe)
This ice cream shop is located in Mitte, and within one of Berlin's popular shopping districts. Perfectly for getting a cold treat in-between your hot shopping adventure. Make sure to try their chocolate brownie flavour because it was the best! 

4. Eismanufaktur Auguststrasse 63 
Eismanufaktur is also located in Mitte, and particularly offers the more classical Italian ice cream flavours (of very good quality).

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  1. Everyone loves ice cream, and these ice cream parlours sound great x

    Millie x


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