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Hey there! Last summer my family and I went on a road trip through the western part of the United States, and also made a quick stop in Las Vegas - also known as sin city. Although I'm really not that much of a gambler, I absolutely loved the excessiveness and 24-hour-activity of the city. Las Vegas is so extremely different from the old historical cities we visited back home in Europe. All the bright colours, billboards, light boxes, impressive hotels - all together they were quite an experience. To capture a flash of the Vegas life my little sis took some photos of my look of the day on the famous strip on Las Vegas Blvd, while we were completely melting down because of the intense desert heat. Afterwards we, of course, visited the M&M store for a nice treat hmmm. Have any of you ever visited sin city? Love, Anne

Photos by Merel Stikvoort


  1. Amazing photos babe!! I've never been to Las Vegas, but ice see why so many choose to visit!x

    Millie x

  2. Lovely post! Love the glasses!

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