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As you guys might have noticed I feel like wearing a lot of white during spring/summer time. White clothing simply gives me a constant feeling of positivity & happiness and is mostly more heatproof than darker colours. So when my family and I were exploring Graz (Austria) two weeks ago - which was the first stop of a three week road trip through Europe - I even decided to go all white. Since temperatures were very divergent during the different parts of the day I also took a cosy white Marie Sixtine knit to keep me warm during our hunt for the best ice cream in the evening hours (I'm always cold, especially after eating tons of ice cream - but its totally worth it). More about where to eat in Graz and about the rest of our road trip soon! 

Love, Anne

Photo by Lotte Stikvoort


  1. Fantastic outfit! Love this sporty combo and it's perfect for Summer.

  2. Looking great! I love all white looks, so classic for summer. xoxo


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