Last weekend Cornell and I had the chance to spend the night in unique 4-star design hotel Townhouse Maastricht. Our arrival went smooth: the hotel is located around the corner of the main train station and is surrounded by lots of parking facilities (you can even reserve a parking spot in the private garage of the hotel itself for a vast amount per night). We felt very welcome because of the friendly and helpful staff. After we checked in they offered us a warm cup of mustard soup and a Tony Chocolonely caramel seasalt chocolate bar (my favourite!) was waiting for us in our room accompanied by some other fun goodies. After we had some chocolate we immediately headed for a tapas dinner in the Maastricht city-centre, which was just a few minutes' walk away. 

The lobby of Townhouse Hotel Maastricht felt like coming home in a well-styled, cosy but modern living room. Guests can easily grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine by theirselves, read a book or play a board game and mix up with other guests at the long tables. And in case you need some extra company you can always rent your own gold fish to feel even more at home - quite cool isn't it? Our room had everything we wished for during our weekend in Maastricht, like a biiig comfortable bed and a clean bath. 

Also the whole breakfast experience at Townhouse Maastricht was really good. Think mini croissants, juices, coffee, low-fat yogurt, granola/muesli, fresh fruit and all kinds of different bread plus things to put on like cheeses, ham, marmalade and so on. Instead of the usual white plates and cups you see in other hotels the tableware existed of a mix of vintage-style items. The long breakfast tables made the atmosphere a bit more cozy than usual because there was less distance between us and the other guests. Normally I really like my privacy (especially during the morning), but this situation actually made us feel like having a Sunday breakfast at home. The friendly staff even came by to offer us poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes) - yum! 

All together we had a great stay during our weekend in Maastricht. The helpful, always smiling and kind staff and atmospheric living-room concept made Townhouse Hotel Maastricht more than just a hotel: it is an experience.

Love, Anne

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  1. Such a lovely place, looks very modern, designed in a simple way but very cozy and special.

    1. yes the Townhouse Hotel was such a nice and unique place to stay! X Anne


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