Matera was the first stop on our South Italy trip last summer. Although we were there for a short time - only 1.5 day - it was one my favourite cities of this trip! Matera is quite different than other cities that I've been to. What makes Matera so special is that the houses in the old centre (called Sassi) are partly cut out of the mountain. This creates a special effect - on almost every pathway you walk, you have the prettiest views over the old Sassi - as you can see on the pictures. Although the old Sassi is not that big, it takes quite a while to explore everything. Especially in the summer make sure to go up early because during the day it can get quite hot in there! I also have some recommendations for you that you should definitely visit when in Matera:

I Vizi degli angeli laboratorio di gelateria Via Domenico Ridola 36
This was probably one of my favourite gelateria's on our trip in South Italy. After exploring Matera during the day in the heat (40 degrees - and with a lot of stairs and walking) we needed a refreshment - so we searched for a good gelateria in Matera and ended up with this one: best choice! Besides the good ice cream, I also really loved the decoration of this ice cream shop - especially the floor. A must go when you're in Matera!

L'Arturo Enogastronomia Piazza del Sedile 15
This cute bar is the perfect place to stop by and have lunch. They have all sorts of cheeses and meats to choose from, you can order them on a panini or you can ask for a mixed plate with cheese and meat - both delicious!

Love, Merel (@merelstikvoort)

Photos by Merel Stikvoort

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