During our latest Asia travel my boyfriend and I visited Singapore for 2 days. Singapore was a welcome - easy going and clean - change after exploring exciting - and sometimes chaotic - Sri Lanka. The easy going and clean experience of the city was strengthened by the beautiful YOTEL Singapore (in which we stayed 2 nights).

YOTEL Singapore just opened their doors this October and we were one of the first lucky ones to experience this exciting brand new hotel. When we entered the hotel a strange looking 4-feet high ‘thing’ was coming our way. At the moment this ‘thing’ came close we realized it was actually driving on its own. It turned out to be a robot! This certainly was the first time we have seen a robot servicing at a hotel. However, it fits perfectly in what we think is the most futuristic city in the world: Singapore! 

Of course robots were not the only member of staff in YOTEL. The kind ladies behind the counter showed us our room, where we were amazed by the impressive skyline view over the city. The room had everything needed for a pleasant stay: some cute welcome snacks, cold water, a nice bathroom and incredibly comfortable bed (which could also be moved into upward position: actually excellent for writing blog posts for you guys!).

What we also liked about the hotel was the breakfast including healthy salads, fruits and homemade multigrain muesli (topped off with forest fruits, dates and almond flakes - so yum!). Their homemade mint-grapefruit juice completed our healthy breakfast. As a dessert we enjoyed a few of their homemade pastries (less healthy, but nevertheless delicious!). After breakfast we relaxed at the beautiful photogenic swimming pool and lounge area, a perfect way to get ready for the day!

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our stay and would strongly recommend YOTEL while  exploring the futuristic city of Singapore!

Love, Anne

For more information check out their website: www.yotel.com/en/hotels/yotel-singapore


  1. Sounds like a hotel that includes all that you need for a pleasent stay. Plus a little bit more - that view is amazing !
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  2. Great to find out about this hotel, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!



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