While staying in Monopoli, we decided to do a day trip to Polignano a Mare. It was only a couple of minutes by train, so really easy (and fast) to get there from Monopoli! Although it was really crowded when we arrived - the city centre is not that big and the 'famous' beach is also really small - I still loved every bit of this town. After some wandering around the old city, we decided to take a quick dive in the water, and moved ourselves to the (really) crowded beach. The place is quite special, as the beach is squeezed in between two rocks. The waves were really high though and the whole beach is packed full of people - so I recommend to go for another beach if you want a relaxing day full of tanning and swimming! Or come early in the morning, than there's probably no one around. Polignano a Mare is quite touristy, but you should definitely visit this cute little town (better in the morning probably) - it's really beautiful!

Love, Merel (@merelstikvoort)


  1. Oh my gosh so beautiful! I wish I could visit soon!


  2. This place looks amazing!! And so are your photos, well done :) xx


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