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Saint Petersburg's historical palaces were like walking straight into a fairytale. Think of endless ballrooms, extensively decorated ceilings, bright colours and staples of gold. Some of my favourite sights included the famous Hermitage, overwhelming Church of the Savior on Blood, impressive Peterhof Palace and elegant Catherine Palace. Below you can find some recommendations regarding where to eat in St. Petersburg. Wish you all a happy day guys! 

Love, Anne

Pizza 22cm Zhukovskogo St. 45 
This trendy place is a serious pizza heaven. Like you probably already guessed all pizza's have a diameter of 22 centimeters - which seems a bit small, but trust me when I say that one pizza per person is enough. Besides, this way there's always enough space left for one of their yummy desserts. The waiters were really kind and helpful and the pizza's truly excellent and delicious. And last but not least: there was an English version of the menu card (which is not so naturally in Russia). 

Cake & Breakfast Kirochnaya St. 9
For the best breakfast in town you should be at Cake & Breakfast. Like the name already gives away they have a yummy assortiment of different cakes, but especially their breakfast pancakes and poached eggs with salmon-avocado toast were my to-go favourites. Make sure not to miss this place!

Excellent food (though a bit more expensive than average), lots of choice on the menu (including chocolate lava cake yummm) and an atmospheric place to have a cosy dinner and escape the freezing and snowy weather outside. 

Bushe Malaya Morskaya St. 7
Bushe has several locations all over Saint Petersburg and is a great place to have breakfast, lunch or to just grab a cup of good coffee including some cake (of course). 

Marketplace Nevskiy Ave. 24
If you're looking for a more simple and affordable (student-like) but still trendy place you should definitely visit Marketplace. This self-service restaurant has an atmospheric interior and the food is really nice (nothing special, just good quality food). 

Park Giuseppe Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova 2B
The pizza's and red wine at this restaurant, located one street away from the famous Savior on the Spilled Blood church, were really tasty. Normally I would expect a place like this to be a major tourist trap, but Park Giuseppe is actually the perfect place to escape the tourist crowds for a hour or two and enjoy some good food. 

Photos by my friends & me

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