Exactly one year ago my boyfriend and I started our travel through Asia for three months. We visited so many interesting countries and took tons of photos along the way. Normally back home I just store my travel photos somewhere on a hard drive, but this time I wanted to do something different. Because the Asia travel was such a special memory to the both of us I decided to create a photobook out of a selection of the best and most memorable pictures we took. This way we would be able to experience these months of travelling all over again while just sitting on the couch with an actual book - no need for photo libraries and screens this time! Sometimes it just feels so good to have an offline experience.. So when MILK Books asked me to try out their services I couldn't be happier. Their templates, materials and the quality of the photo book I created are truly amazing. Simply can't stop looking at the result. Also the online design program they work with is super user friendly. What do you think about the result?

Of course it took me quite some effort to create my dream book, since creating the perfect photobook isn't easy at all and takes a lot of time. Therefore I thought it might be helpful to share some useful tips with you:

Use the same edit or filter for all your photos.
For me being a visual perfectionist this is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a photobook or overview (like on Instagram). So my advice: experiment a bit with different filters or edits and decide what type of editing you like the most for your photos. I think it is always best to keep the editing a bit basic instead of the risk of editing them too much - this way you'll probably still like your book in ten, twenty or even thirty years. 

Quality over quantity.
Creating a beautiful photobook is not about using as many photos as possible, but about carefully selecting your best and most memorables shots. In the selection process you can also try to keep in mind which photos will look great together on a page (for example based on the colours or location).

Decide what story you would like to tell.
A photobook is so much more fun when it tells a story. For example in my case I decided to tell the story of our 3 months of travelling through Asia, but you can of course also tell the story of your wedding day, childhood and so on. Your story can help you with placing your photos in a certain order.

Include some additional text or fun captions. 
For telling a good story it can be really useful to include some fun quotes or, like I did, the locations of the places we visited during our travel. 

Don't take creating your book too seriously. 
Because in the end creating a photobook should be so much fun!

Love, Anne

Photobook by MILK Books

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