Edelgr√ľn This was definitely my favourite lunch place in Cologne. Edelgr√ľn is a vegan restaurant, which offers a variety of healthy and very tasty food. I especially loved their 'superfood breakfast' and the avocado bread. Besides the great food, the prices are also very reasonable and the atmosphere is very cozy. Don't miss this one when you're in Cologne!

Rich'N Greens The perfect spot to have a break when exploring Cologne. This cozy place is specialised in wraps & bowls, and they also offer a menu for vegans and vegetarians. The food is very fresh & delicious!

Sushi Mi Cologne If you're in for sushi - than this is the place to go. Sushi Mi offers a wide variety of sushi rolls to choose from, especially their special sushi rolls were really good!

The Great Berry The perfect place to have lunch or breakfast, especially if you're a smoothie bowl fan. Their smoothie bowls not only look really good, they taste even better - loved this one!

Love, Merel


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