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Hi guys! Some of you probably know I moved to Prague two weeks ago for four months of studying at Charles University. Last week was filled with all kinds of introduction activities like welcome parties, a pub district tour and many more. Also I've learned that the Czech cuisine is really heavy (think of fried cheese and sausages) and includes tons of beer. All of these are not exactly on my list of what a delicious meal looks like. But hey, I tried them all out and luckily Prague also offers lots of other good restaurants like Italian or Japanese ones (sushi!). I'm planning to make a list with restaurant recommendations for you soon! Anyway, last weekend we traveled all the way to Olomouc, a Moravian historical city in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Besides Prague I had never visited any other places in the country before, and since I never even googled the place my expectations weren't that high. On our arrival I was actually surprised because Olomouc really exceeded my expectations. The city offers so many beautiful old colourful houses and squares like you can see on the photos I took. And speaking of trips, tomorrow a good friend of mine and I will head for Krakow for the weekend - can't wait! Heard so many good stories about it. We're also visiting Auschwitz Birkenau on Sunday which must be really impressive given its horrible history. Do you guys have any recommendations for restaurants or places to visit in Krakow? Love, Anne


  1. Hiya, back in 2011 I also lived in Prague for about 8 months for an internship. I moved in mid January which it was very hard for me because of the cold, my body was not ready. But Spring and Summer time in Prague is great! Freaking love it.
    I also did like aPrague Diary over at my Blog.
    Enjoy it!

  2. Wauw! Ziet er mooi uit! Ik vind gekleurde huisjes tof!

  3. Beautiful photographs, Prague seems like a wonderful place! I’ve never been so look forward to some related posts on where you visit! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. Wooww...!! this place is so beautiful. i am too thinking about taking a Krakow Tours after one month. Thanks for this nice post.


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