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Hi guys! It has already been four weeks since my arrival in Prague. While the first week was all about introduction activities, parties, a pub tour and getting to know my way through the city - the rest of the month was mainly filled with day trips to other beautiful cities in the Czech Republic like Olomouc (and this weekend we're planning to visit Karlovy Vary or Kutn√° Hora), a long weekend trip to Krakow including a visit to Auschwitz Birkenau and food, lots of food. Oh, and of course we attended some University lectures and seminars in-between (since that's what we're actually here for..). Everyone who knows me a day or two is probably aware of my addiction to italian ice cream, well prepared cappuccino and delicious food, so therefore I really enjoy exploring new places in Prague. Thanks to one of the other students I already discovered the best place for Italian ice cream - named Puro Gelato - where you'll probably find me on a daily basis from now on. Also already ate quite a lot of sushi (my absolute favorite food in the world) in Prague as well as in Krakow. Last week we visited the Hanabi Sushi House with a couple of other students; I can truly say they serve the best fusion rolls I've ever had. When my little sis (with whom I share this passion for sushi) is visiting me in two weeks I'll make sure to drop by this place again. Anyway, enough food talk for now. I'll probably make a big list of Prague food recommendations soon. Next week my Dutch friend and I are heading for Vienna to visit a friend of us who is studying there during this semester. Also we've just booked a 1,5 week trip to Berlin and Malta in april - can't wait! About Vienna: I've never made it to the city before, so if you guys have any recommendations about places to visit? Would love to hear about them. Happy Wednesday! Love, Anne


  1. So much fun and love the pictures! Have fun in Vienna!

    Xx Annora /

  2. I love the outfits in this post and the photos are so beautiful! I've been wanting to visit Prague for aaaages! :) XX

  3. wauw praag ziet er prachtig uit ! wat onwijs mooi allemaal
    xx Ish

  4. Wat gaat die tijd snel! En ik kijk uit naar je artikel over de leuke eettentjes in Praag, want ik ga er zelf eind april voor het eerst heen! Veel plezier nog!

  5. it looks like such an amazing place

  6. Such a beautiful place!

  7. Hii!! Wat een gave foto's! Ik ga over twee weken naar Praag en ben een beetje op zoek naar leuke plekjes om te bezoeken. Waar heb je de foto's met de roze huizen en die ene met de gevels gemaakt? Ik ben echt onder de indruk van je foto's! X

    1. Hi Laurine, wat leuk dat je naar Praag gaat! De stad staat vol met mooie gekleurde huizen dus die vinden is no problemo. De gevels foto heb ik gemaakt op de main square van Praag, waar ook de klok is! Geniet ervan alvast! X


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