TOP na-kd (here) SKIRT munthe (here) PURSE furla

A few weeks ago my little sisters and I travelled to Antwerp for the weekend. We had the best time eating lots of Belgian truffle chocolates, ice cream and the best pizza ever (will tell you more about this place soon in a little Antwerp photo diary!). Because the temperatures rose very high during our time in Antwerp I decided to wear a heatwave-proof outfit, existing of a thin white blouse and romantic white skirt. To add a bit of colour I chose to wear my baby blue furla purse. Hope you guys like it since it has been one of my favourite summer looks lately! Love, Anne


  1. I love the all white and that cute purse!


  2. I absolutely love your bag! I love carrying around mini-bags because they're so easy to carry and they're extremely cute. My biggest problem is that I always want to carry around a bunch of stuff, which usually means I need a bigger bag haha



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