Today a small photo diary including some recommendations from the two days my boyfriend and I spent in Siena, Italy, last summer. Promise I'll be back soon with many more travel posts and looks from both Italy, the USA and Cuba. Happy Friday guys! 

Love, Anne

Grom Via Bachi di Sopra 11
Despite the fact of Grom being an Italian ice-cream chain (I usually don't prefer chains when it comes to food) this is actually an excellent place for good quality ice cream. The flavours were not too heavy or too sweet at all which was absolutely perfect in my opinion. Also you can even choose more than one flavour in one scoop!

Ristorante Malborghetto Via di Porta Giustizia 6
This place is located just behind the main square of Siena, and truly is a hidden gem. The restaurant staff was lovely and they served us some really good food (see the above photos) for low prices. We especially liked their mussels and clams - which was actually just a starter but the portion was big enough to enjoy it as a main course, so please keep that in mind when visiting!

Photos by Cornell & me

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  1. Hi Anne! I absolutely love your outfit, I feel like white sneakers are such a staple. Where did you get those?

    Also, I just started up my blog again after years of being inactive and I'd love your feedback if you want to check out my first new post! :) Thank you!


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