Inle lake was the third highlight (after Mandalay and Bagan) we visited during our Myanmar-travel. While exploring the beautiful lake and its surroundings we stayed two nights at the Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort. An incredibly cool experience: to be at a resort that actually floats! The whole resort is built on a wooden construction in the water, just like all the houses of the people who live at the lake villages - a beautiful scenery for sure! 

The Shwe Tha Inn staff will certainly give you a great start of the day. Next to their excellent service and warm greetings, they serve the best breakfast we had in the region: freshly baked bread and pastries (of any kind you can imagine), eggs of your choice and lots of fresh fruits (avocado, papaya: yummy!). It was all really delicious!

After breakfast the first thing we did was making our way to the swimming pool. A very nice experience: swimming in bright clear water, while actually ‘floating’ at the lake. Next to taking a swim, the resort hosts several activities including boat trips. For example seeing the (very skill full) on-one-leg-balancing fishermen, floating villages or the impressive floating gardens (don’t try standing on one or you will be found at the bottom of the lake!).

My boyfriend and I truly enjoyed our stay and would strongly recommend Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort as a basis for exploring Inle Lake. Furthermore, during a stay at the resort I would recommend seeing at least one sunrise and sunset. It is such a magical sight to see the entire sky and lake covered in deep orange (you actually just have to look out of your window!). if you ask me, totally worth starting your day a bit early!

Love, Anne

For more information check out their website:


  1. You are looking enchanting in this dress and the hotel looks like a paradise spot itself!


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