Two weeks ago I visited Rome with some friends for a couple of days. It was the second time for me - but Rome is a city that never gets boring. Its like walking through an open air museum - everywhere you look you will find history and the most beautiful architecture. We were also really lucky with the weather: clear blue skies and sun every day! Another great thing about Rome is the food: the Italian kitchen is one of my favourites so another reason why I really love to visit Rome. Below you will find some recommendations about where to eat in Rome!

Love, Merel (@merelstikvoort)

Ristorante Tema Via Parisperna 96/98
One of my favourites. I ordered their pasta with prawns - and it was really good! It's maybe a little bit more expensive (especially the wine) but definitely worth your money!

Il Brigantino Via Di San Martino Ai Monti 50
Best place to go for (cheap) authentic Italian food! We ordered the pizza as a main course, and it was really good! Also, the bruschettas and home made desserts can not be missed. This restaurant is located in the district Monti - hidden away from the main tourist area. Recommend it!

Pane Pane vino Ar Vino Via del Gesu' 84
The perfect place to stop by for a quick lunch, to enjoy one of their delicious sandwiches. It's a really small shop, close to the Pantheon - but always busy. I really loved it, and it's also really cheap so when you're in the neighbourhood you should definitely visit!

Gelataria del Viale Piazza Giuseppe Gioacchino Beli 9/F
This ice cream was sooo good! It's located in the district Trastevere - which is also famous for all their restaurants - so the perfect place to go and get a dessert after your dinner!


  1. Ah... Beautiful and historical Rome! Such an inspiring place to visit and yes, I bet that the food is incredible there too. :)

    1. Yes it is, definitely one of my favourite cities! :)

  2. Wat een heerlijke foto's meis! Ik ga je blogje even opslaan, ik ga namelijk in mei naar Rome! Malou x

    1. zo leuk dat je naar Rome gaat! hier kan je ook nog wat extra eettips vinden: X

  3. Wow!!! So beautiful photos :)) I love Rome! xoxo


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