Paris: the city of love, croissants, the iron lady, endless summer nights along the Seine and of course the French baguette. Oh how I love wandering and getting lost in the streets of creative Montmartre or atmospheric and dreamy Le Marais – wouldn’t mind living there for a year or two. One thing I also truly adore is having a coffee and croissant on one of the many cute terraces the city offers and watch people passing by. There are just so many different and interesting styles represented on the Parisian streets: from classy to colorful to couture-like to ladylike to tomboy et cetera. Nowadays street style is all about mixing and matching different colors and brands, like for example my personal Parisian favorites Sandro and Maje. There are no rules to street couture. Just think out of the box, try to mix different colours and prints, be unique and most importantly: have fun in doing so. And another major advantage of having the Parisian streets as your runway: each and every corner of the city makes your look du jour even look cuter.

So during a spontaneous weekend trip to Paris last month I chose to wear black/white stripe and red check printed trousers with big cozy knits (since it was freezing minus 5), finished by some mix & match accessoires like classy black loafers, a Parisian beret, mini bags or cool black boots. You can most surely guess which colours had my preference - simply always feel like wearing red and monochrome tints when in the city! Just perfectly suitable to the Parisian street sceneries. Anyway, all together I had a magnificent time exploring Paris, its beautiful sights and cute boutiques for the fourth time, and again truly enjoyed the incredibly tasty French kitchen (must admit that I'm a total food addict). Au revoir Paris, lets hope we meet again soon! 

Love, Anne

Photos by Cornell Vernooij


  1. Love the way you've styled all of your outfits, very cool, laidback and Paris perfect!


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