After visiting Plitvice and Split, we drove straight to Knin - which is located in the Croatian countryside, close to the Bosnian border. Knin itself isn't a real highlight, but the village is really close to Krka National Park - which was on our top list of places to visit in Croatia. When we arrived in Knin in the afternoon, we decided to explore the only highlight in the environment: an old but quite interesting fortress. After walking around the fortress we had dinner at Restoran Tvrdjava. This restaurant is located in the fortress, and was one of our favourite dinner spots during our Croatian roadtrip. From up here we had the most breathtaking views over the surrounding area - the sunset was absolutely gorgeous from here! Besides the unique location, the food was also really good (even their seafood!) and not expensive at all. The next day we headed for Krka very early in the morning - to enjoy a fresh morning swim at the beautiful and famous waterfalls of Krka. We recommend you to arrive as early as possible here - since it's a popular place to visit. Luckily we had some time for ourselves at this unique place, but within half an hour after we arrived the whole place was fully packed with people! But besides of the crowds we enjoyed Krka anyway - make sure not to miss your chance of swimming underneath its gorgeous waterfalls!

Love, Anne & Merel

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