Split is one of the most visited cities in Croatia and we think you can see why based on the photos we took. Although we unfortunately only spent one full day and night in this ancient city we absolutely loved it. If you would like to experience the city to the fullest we would recommend you to visit the old town within the ancient city walls both during the evening and early morning. In the evening the city is full of life: music on the streets, cute terraces filled with people drinking wine and eating seafood - the atmosphere is just great at twilight! Meanwhile, during early mornings all tourists are still lying in their beds since many tours do not start too early - big advantage! So in case you're a photography addict (just like we are) you should definitely explore Split really early: no crowds standing in your way and the light is just magical. Also make sure to climb the bell tower for the most gorgeous views over the city. Regarding where to eat the best seafood and ice cream in town we named two of our favourite places below. Enjoy!

Love, Merel & Anne

Luka ice cream & cakes Svachiceva 2
There are a lot of touristy (bad quality) ice cream shops in Split, but we're always on a hunt for quality ice cream as you probably already know. After trying some average places we stumbled upon Luka: an ice cream and cake shop with actually incredibly tasty flavours. The perfect place to cool down during the heat of the day!

Sperun Shperun 3 
Looking for some incredibly tasty and affordable seafood? This small restaurant is a gem, so make sure to stop by for lunch or dinner. 


  1. I'm so happy to see my FOREVER favourite ice cream and cake shop Lukas!! I have always been and always will be recommending them to everybody! Their Raffaello and Sneakers ice creams are to die for.


    1. haha so nice to hear you like them too!! absolutely loved their flavours :) X

  2. Hele mooie foto's! Ik wil zeker een keertje naar Split, vind Kroatiƫ echt een prachtig land!


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