After we visited the Croatian city Split during our roadtrip last summer, Mostar was next on the list. This super cute town is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is particularly famous because of its old Stari Most bridge. This bridge forms a connection between the Bosnian side and the Croatian side of the river. You can recognize the Bosnian side by its mosques and Muslim influences, and there are even specific type of beers you can only order on the Bosnian side or Croatian side. This notable separation is based on a long history full of violence, which still lives among the cities inhabitants. So we would recommend you to learn a bit about the history of Mostar first before visiting, in order to better understand its people. All together Mostar was really worth the 1,5 day visit! A recommendation regarding where to eat you can find below. 

Love, Merel & Anne

Sadrvan Jusovina 11
This local restaurant is located close to the famous Stari Most bridge (at the Croatian side) and serves some really good food - including local dishes. Their terrace is very cosy and atmospheric since it is decorated with a lot of plants and from some spots you can observe other tourists passing by, which is always such a pleasant activity when waiting for your food to arrive if you ask us. Another fun fact: the waiters and hostesses are all wearing traditional clothing which makes the whole experience even nicer.

Photos by Anne & Merel Stikvoort


  1. Such a lovely and historical, must visit place!


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