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Last weekend my boyfriend took me on a surprise birthday weekend to Berlin. Although it was realllllly cold and sometimes a bit stormy and rainy we've had such a blast anyway - eating lots of sushi, having brunch for hours, drinking my favourite cocktails and exploring our beloved city a bit more. During trips like these big warm winter coats are definitely a life saver - especially when you're always cold (like me). I felt a bit like a breakfast burrito all wrapped up in this cosy coat, but staying warm while its actually freezing outside is worth everything. Plus warm and cosy winter coats are my biggest addiction I have to admit. When I bring home a new coat my boyfriend mostly laughs and says: don't you already have like a hundred coats or something? But girls: I think you can never have enough cosy coats. Next on my wishlist: this cool orange puffer jacket and classic wool check coat from selected femme. Gorgeous aren't they?

Love, Anne

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