Ever since I got my dark grey IKEA Söderhamn sofa a few years ago I've been wanting to upgrade its colour. I mean I really liked the Scandinavian design of the sofa, but its colour was just too dark. When it comes to interior styling I'm really picky and therefore it was, unfortunately, no surprise I couldn't find the sofa cover of my dreams in IKEA's Söderhamn cover collection itself. So when I heard about and explored the cover collection of Bemz Design my heart made a little jump of happiness. So many beautiful fabrics and colours to choose from, it was so extremely hard to make a final choice out of their extensive collection!

Before showing you the big make-over, let's tell you a bit about Bemz Design first. Bemz is a fashion-forward design company that creates custom sewn design covers in hundreds of high end fabrics, so that you can transform your IKEA sofa, armchairs, chairs and more - so you can completely adjust it to your own interior and personal style. This way you're able to retain your piece of furniture even if the original fabric is damaged or no longer suits your taste. All covers are made to order and machine washable. Besides this Bemz strives to create and innovate responsibly and conscientiously - with respect for the planet and with little waste. With this commitment to sustainability it is their goal to create a unique look for your home that you can also feel good about - in my opinion an extra reason to get your IKEA sofa covers at Bemz instead of other fabric companies.  

Anyway, more about my little sofa makeover party and the first step of choosing a new sofa cover at Bemz: making a small selection of fabric samples. To help you reduce your stress in making a good choice Bemz offers up to five free fabric samples which they'll send to your home address - so you can see what your favourite fabrics and colours look like in real life. This was so perfect because this way I could actually compare them and decide which one did fit best into my interior. After many nights of overthinking and changing my mind (I can be such a doubter when it comes to interior choices) I ended up going for two beautiful Bemz covers in the colours: Belgian Linen - Absolute White and Simply Velvet - Sand Beige. See and read more about these beautiful, high-quality fabrics below. But up first: a photo of what my (a bit boring) Söderhamn sofa looked like before the make-over..

Because you can find white sofa's all over my Pinterest inspiration boards my first choice and look had to be a white sofa cover. Bemz has so many different kinds of white tones and fabrics to offer (from cotton to velvet to linen etc.), but I ended up with Belgian Linen - Absolute White for my Söderhamn sofa. A choice that I cannot be happier with because it really gives my interior that bit of extra and the quality of the fabric looks so good. After having a lot of struggles with removing the old sofa cover (it's really not that hard, believe me, I'm just not such an IKEA diy talent) and putting on the new one the result was finally there. And guess what? It looked even better than I imagined - so gorgeous and effortlessly white! Though the next challenge will probably be to keep it all white and clean. To keep the monochrome look alive I finished the look with some black wooden legs, which you can order at Bemz as well. And great news: they are incredibly easy to replace, it will probably take you less than 5 minutes. 

The second sofa look I went for had to be something different, but at the same time something just as gorgeous and effortless as the first look. After a lot of doubting I ended up with a cover fabric named Simply Velvet - Sand Beige: a beautiful, timeless, high-quality velvet fabric which is really soft and giving you all the cosy feelings. This time I finished it with some wood-coloured furniture legs, for a more natural look and feel. Still haven't figured out yet which look to be my favourite but I think the white linen look is absolutely perfect for spring/summer time, while the softness of the velvet look serves its best purpose during autumn/winter season. What do you think? 

Anyway, based on my own experience with Bemz and their excellent service I would really recommend you to take a look at their cover collection in case you're tired of your IKEA sofa or chair. Why not give it a complete, high-quality make-over instead of spending a lot of money on new furniture? That would be such a waste, while a brand new cover can do miracles and transform your sofa into a real designer piece - based on your personal style and preferences. 

For more information about Bemz & its beautiful cover collection: www.bemz.com

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